im srry i havent been on its just i have been busy and im srry but i miss you all and i have been an anon since april 29th 2012 on my other account and i loved it but im young probably younger then you and i was when i started some stuff i didnt understand and i would get so upset that how some people think their not good enough when they are perfect just the way they are that this world wouldnt be the same everyone changed this world and your here for a reason and never stop living you have so many reasons to be here your family friends everyone dont let 1 stop you from being you and i know some people stand alone someone might do something you dont think is right but if your standing alone remember your the only one who did the best thing stand up for yourself and whats right and some people the people who come home from school crying just know it breaks so many peoples hearts to know that you do and when the people who made you cry get older they probably wont turn out as you think they would if they werent nice because if your mean you just have a bunch of people you made cry or people who dont like you because of that but if your nice you will have alot of people who are your friends and just think about it those people who were mean to you probably after school yyou wont remember their names and realize wow i spent most of my life trying to be like them and impress them when you dont even remember their name but you remember the names of people like your best friend ever since kindergarden and know those are the people you should spend your time with lol wow this post went on and on srry but yea ily guys :)

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g2g brb!

Anonymous: This is so stupid but I'm so insecure about my teeth, I might need braces soon. I have gaps and a few of my teeth are crooked and sticking out a bit. Like it's hard to smile or even start a conversation without feeling ashamed and embarrassed

aww its ok and its not a stupid question but braces are ok idk what they are like but i have a little gap in my 2 front teeth that make me look like a little 1st grader lol :p but its ok and smile dont let anything stop you from smiling being you or making friends ok so your teeth are crooked it can be fixed but there can never be another you so dont let silly things stop you from doing that its gonna be ok :D

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i got 99 tabs open but your blog ain’t one

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